Memorial Day

The Memorial Day holiday a time to honor those who serve our country. It is also the unofficial start of the summer season. This year AAA is reporting there will be 37.2 million travelers journeying at least 50 miles from home. Of these travelers, 89% will go by car. Suffering from auto accident related injuries is no

A Cook County jury has awarded more than $5.8 million to a woman and her husband for permanent nerve damage she suffered from complications after knee surgery.

Celeste Trevino and her husband, Ignacio, first filed a complaint in Cook County Circuit Court against several doctors who participated in her knee­replacement operation in September 2007 and her post­operation recovery at the since­closed Neurologic and Orthopedic Institute of Chicago.

With the atypical temperatures of the last few days, you may have forgotten what a Chicago winter is like in January. For over 70% of the United States, including Chicago, that means cold temperatures, snow and ice. Each year there are hundreds of winter weather-related accidents. Winter Storm Warnings, several inches of white snow and black ice are all reminders to drive at a slower speed as well as increase the distance between you and the car in front of you. Making sure the car is in good working condition helps as well to prevent weather-related accidents, including those resulting in serious injury or death.

There are two main groups of people that need to be extra vigilant on Halloween, while not skipping out on the fun, parents and motorists. For Parents: Parents be sure to contact the town/village/municipal area you plan on taking your kids trick or treating to see what hours they have designated for the fun. 

Advocates for changing how claims are filed and the limits on damages awarded, also known as tort reformers, have put forth the idea that medical malpractice lawsuits have created a phenomenon referred to as “defensive medicine.” The idea is that healthcare practitioners, especially emergency room physicians, fear that they may be sued if they miss something with a patient.

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