With the atypical temperatures of the last few days, you may have forgotten what a Chicago winter is like in January. For over 70% of the United States, including Chicago, that means cold temperatures, snow and ice. Each year there are hundreds of winter weather-related accidents. Winter Storm Warnings, several inches of white snow and black ice are all reminders to drive at a slower speed as well as increase the distance between you and the car in front of you. Making sure the car is in good working condition helps as well to prevent weather-related accidents, including those resulting in serious injury or death.

August signals the end of summer but also the start of the school year. With it many yellow school buses will be rolling on area streets. The American School Bus Council (ASBC) states there is approximately 480,000 buses on the roads carrying approximately 53% of kindergarten thru grade-12 students each day.

With the Fourth of July upon us we couldn’t help but feel a bit..nostalgic. Whether it’s because the holiday is a reminder of patriotism or of family times, everyone has something that they look forward to when it comes to the 4th of July. For many of us, and probably many of you, fireworks tops the list. Whether it’s watching them in your local communities or heading down to Navy Pier, seeing the sky light up in brilliant color while spending time with family and friends makes the day (and night) truly special.

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