• Won a jury verdict of $31,351,107 against a pharmacy company due to its failure to properly control and inventory the use of narcotic controlled substances causing the jury to find that a drug abusing pharmacist placed the wrong pills into a customer’s prescription bottle which led to permanent kidney failure and brain injuries and, ultimately, death, with $25 million in punitives.

  • Settled a personal injury lawsuit against a bus manufacturer for $3,000,000 in a bus rollover case alleging product defects. The payment was based upon an alleged product defect in the chassis and warning mechanism supplied by the manufacturer.

  • Won a jury verdict of $2,575,338 for a client who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when a hydraulic door closing device fell and struck his head causing permanent migraine headaches

  • Negotiated a $1,350,000 recovery of unpaid sales commissions after two days of trial from a multi-million dollar international electronics firm who had terminated the sales representatives and argued that there were no commissions due under their contracts.

  • Won a $900,000 jury verdict in Lake County, Illinois, in a rear-end motor vehicle collision case, which resulted in the plaintiff suffering a cervical disc herniation that required surgical placement of an artificial disc and a fusion.

  • Settled a personal injury suit against a building management company for $500,000 where a marble wall table in the lobby of a condo building was not secured to the wall, allowing it to tip over and crush an 8 year old boy’s thumb and fingers.  This resulted in the loss of the top portion of the child’s thumb on his non-dominant hand.

  • Negotiated a $195,000 settlement with the driver of a car that sped through an intersection and crashed into the rear end of an unmarked Chicago Police car, causing back injuries to the two officers in their car.

  • Settled a personal injury lawsuit against a trucking company and its driver for $986,000, following a collision between the company’s semi-truck and our clients’ vehicle. The collision occurred after a leaf spring broke on the semi due to the trucking company’s failure to properly maintain the semi. Our clients suffered long term permanent injuries including cervical facet syndrome and a shoulder injury requiring shoulder replacement surgery.

  • $1,000,000 settlement in a personal injury case on behalf of a 50-year-old police officer who suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident with an uninsured motorist while on duty. 

  • $250,000 settlement against a giant retailer for shoulder and head injuries sustained as a result of a fall just outside the store.

Proven Results

Settled a medical malpractice case for $1,950,000 with a prominent Mohs surgeon for failing to diagnose and treat a recurrence of squamous cell carcinoma on a man's forehead.

Negotiated a $195,000 settlement with the driver of a car that sped through an intersection and crashed into the rear end of an unmarked Chicago Police car, causing back ...

Received $1,950,000 from a urologist and his practice for their failure to diagnose and treat recurrent bladder cancer for a period of almost 2 years causing the cancer to spread ...

Recovered over $5,600,000 through arbitration in a complicated real estate/fraud matter in which the client was a co-investor in a condominium conversion project who was ...

Negotiated a $185,000 settlement with a corporation that loaded its own products into a truck driver’s trailer without properly securing the products, causing the load to fall ...

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