Associated Press September 30, 2006, 7:26 AM CDT CHICAGO — A Cook County jury says Walgreens must pay $31 million in damages for the death of a 79-year-old man whose health went into irreversible decline after he was given the wrong prescription by a drug-abusing pharmacist early in 2001. “The only way we could

(,CST-NWS-walgreens30.article) September 30, 2006 BY STEVE PATTERSON Staff Reporter Walgreens must pay $31 million to the loved ones of a 79-year-old Schaumburg man who died after being given the wrong prescription from a drug-using pharmacist. Leonard Kulisek slipped into a coma a day after taking the wrong medication and suffered through a series of illnesses over the

While the Hancock settlement was arguably the highest-profit case of the year (below), it was be no means the only interesting item on the dockets. Crain’s surveyed 2006’s Illinois court cases and cherry-picked 20 verdicts and settlements that stood out in the crowd. This list is by no means comprehensive, but rather a look at

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A Cook County, Ill., jury has awarded $31.3 million to the estate of Leonard Kulisek, a Schaumburg man who died in 2002 after becoming ill the previous year when a Walgreens pharmacist gave him the wrong medication. Kulisek was supposed to pick up his gout medication but was given glipizide, a drug used to treat diabetes. The drug dropped his blood sugar to dangerously low levels and triggered a string of health problems, including a stroke in May 2001, according to David Axelrod, attorney for Kulisek's estate. The jury believed the R.Ph. was under the influence of controlled narcotic drugs and awarded Kulisek's estate $6.3 million to compensate for his death and pain and suffering, and $25 million in punitive damages. Attorneys for Walgreens acknowledged that Kulisek was given the wrong Rx but argued the mistake did not cause his death. Carol Hively, a Walgreens spokeswoman, told Drug Topics, "Walgreens disagrees with the jury's decision and that is why we are appealing the verdict."

Walgreens to appeal $31 million med-error award

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