Robert A. Cohen

Robert A. Cohen, a partner, joined David A. Axelrod & Associates in 2002. Mr. Cohen concentrates his practice in complex personal injury, commercial and fraud litigation, and non-litigation matters.

In over 25 years of practice, Mr. Cohen has frequently litigated matters involving unusual or novel fact patterns and uncommon applications of the law.  Mr. Cohen’s successes on behalf of plaintiffs include winning a verdict of over $1.6 million on a promissory note, overcoming an unusual challenge to the enforceability of the note.  Mr. Cohen led the firm’s effort in recovering $2.5 million for a construction company from four defendants in a fraud/ERISA case. Mr. Cohen also recovered for a construction client nearly $2 million from several defendants for conversion, delay damages and other losses.  And, Mr. Cohen helped make new law in the area of toxic torts on behalf of a client whose exposure to hazardous commercial paint caused severe, permanent respiratory injury.

Mr. Cohen has also successfully defended clients in complicated cases.  For example, Mr. Cohen successfully eliminated a $9 million commercial mortgage personal guaranty liability, relying on a seldom-litigated statute.  In an environmental case, he negotiated a rare zero payment settlement of a client’s strict liability in a $50 million Superfund case.  And, in banking litigation, Mr. Cohen, through use of a fraud counterclaim, negotiated for the firm’s clients a $5,000.00 settlement of a potential liability in the millions of dollars.

Mr. Cohen’s practice also includes non-litigation matters.  Over a period of two years, Mr. Cohen successfully oversaw restructuring of a client’s $5 million short term and long term debt, helping the company return to profitability.  He drafts contracts and advises corporate clients in the construction and manufacturing sectors on a range of business and regulatory topics.  Before joining the firm and concentrating his practice in civil litigation, Mr. Cohen practiced for over ten years in the field of environmental ligation and regulatory counseling, representing publically traded corporations, insurance companies, small businesses, and individuals.

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